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Importance of an annual pet exam

Importance of an Annual Pet Exam

Should you take your pet to the vet only when he is sick? Our answer is NO here at the Animal Hospital of Bentonville in Bentonville, AR. We encourage pet parents to take their animals to a veterinarian for an annual pet wellness exam. Why is an annual pet exam important? Read on to find out.

Why Annual Pet Exams are Crucial to Pet Health

As time goes by, our furry friends become susceptible to various health issues. No animal is 100% immune to diseases and illnesses. An annual checkup allows the veterinarian to detect smaller issues before they grow into bigger problems. When issues are spotted when they are still small, treatment is more effective, and it costs you less.

Other than reducing your costs when it comes to treatment, an annual exam is a chance to shield your precious animal from the pain and agony that comes with the advancement of some diseases. Your pet has a massive positive impact on your life. Keep him protected by scheduling an annual pet exam.

What Does a Veterinarian Do During a Pet Exam?

During an annual pet exam, expect our veterinarian to conduct a comprehensive checkup, from nose to tail. Our veterinarian will also examine your animal's ears, eyes, dental health, and skin to ensure there are no issues.

Expect the tech to ask you questions concerning your animal's lifestyle when it comes to issues such as eating, drinking, urinating, and defecating. This is also a chance for you to mention any changes you may have noticed in your pet. Even the smallest change may be an indicator of an emerging health issue that needs medical attention. If you want your pet to be spayed or neutered, this is also a chance to discuss that with our veterinarian.

Visit Us at Animal Hospital of Bentonville for Quality Annual Pet Exams

Are you currently living in Bentonville, AR, or the surrounding areas? Are looking for a reputable animal clinic to take your pet to for an annual exam? Bring him to us. We take pride in offering comprehensive checkups to detect any issues your pet may have. Call us today at (479) 364-0340 to schedule your appointment.


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  • "Absolutely amazing people. They were very honest about my dog’s chances and made the difficult choice and the experience after much easier. If I weren’t already a client at the Centerton location I would come here in the future in a heartbeat."
    Michael M.
  • "First time here: Staff and doctor were very friendly. Quick service. We just adopted our dog a month ago, and they answered all my questions to double-check I was taking care of her correctly. Nice place!"
    Wendy C.
  • "I decided to try this new vet's office and was so glad I did. The staff is friendly, helpful, and professional. The waiting area is clean and welcoming. They were also extremely caring and gentle with my cat who is usually very frightened during an exam. I highly recommend this animal hospital."
    Susan D.
  • "Have always like the Vet here, first when they were at Rose Animal Clinic and now here. Great caring staff."
    Mark J.
  • "Hands down the best Vet Clinic I've ever visited. I switched after recently moving and this great location opened only a few blocks from my house. The team was great and worked to really let me know how my animals were doing and took the time to let me ask about any concerns. Even during covid the schedule is flexible and they're very accommodating. I fully trust them with my pets. If you choose to visit them, know you'll be in good hands."
    Kevin S.